Muay Thai Kickboxing - Fundamentals

Held every Tuesday / Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm and Saturday at 8:30am

Booking prior is essential. Participants must be over 15 years.

Class Fees $20 Weekly AP (no contract but requires 14 days notice re-cancellation)

We also offer a $14 Casual Class Rate.


It is a fact that professional kickboxers and MMA fighters are some of the fittest and most conditioned athletes on the planet. Our kickboxing classes simply provide you with their conditioning methods and techniques so you get the benefits of training like a fighter without having to necessarily be one. You will be learning various techniques incorporated with traditional Muay Thai (Thailand) , known as a devastating striking art that blends techniques such as; kicks, knees, elbows, punches, and clinch work and aspects of modern Western and Dutch Kickboxing.

This class is a great way for anyone to embark on their journey to the amazing sport of Muay Thai. You will be learning the basic fundamentals involved with Thai kickboxing while also getting fit and having heaps of fun! We recommend this class for everyone as it is a great starting point for novices while also providing a solid foundation for advanced athletes to hone their skills and improve their cardiovascular endurance.

Our Muay Thai Fundamentals class is a combination of pad work, core work, cardio conditioning, flexibility, agility, and a whole lot of sweat!  It will provide you with an ultimate fitness workout, burning a huge amount of calories, while strengthening and toning the whole body. These classes will also help you gain confidence and a great means of self-defence should you ever need it.

There is light partnered contact drills involved with this class but no fighting or sparring.

How does a class work?

Generally each class begins with a light warm up (skipping a light run or shadow boxing) this will then be followed dynamic stretching (stretching with movement) to prepare your muscles for what lies ahead. You will then be paired up with someone of similar size & ability, or a friend if you would like to train together. You will then either alternate holding the Thai pads for each other for approximately 2-5min rounds while your partner performs varied Muay Thai kickboxing techniques, or on occasions you will be partnered up to practise light contact drills together. This session may be finished with a conditioning round or an abdominal / core focussed blow out.

Requirements for Classes

All participants must have their own handwraps, these can be purchased directly from us for $19. We also require all members to purchase their own boxing gloves after they have completed 4 weeks of training due to health and hygiene reasons.

We proudly stock NZ Boxer gear and we are able to offer our members their full range at a discounted price. Please talk to one of the Evolve team members for further information.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact us: or call
 Todd: 027 2703672