1) Can anyone perform the training sessions?

Yes Absolutely! Our trainers are great at thinking on their feet so all our workouts / exercises can be catered to fit your individual needs regardless of shape, size, age, ability or fitness level, and a lot of the time you be working with your own bodyweight so if you’re used to carrying that around you will be fine!

2) I want to lose some weight; will this style of training be good for that?

We can show you the way and guide you in the right direction. But the truth is it comes down to each individual’s desire and hunger to succeed. If you follow our lead in the gym, recommendations outside the gym and stick to our nutritional guidelines “yes” you will lean out and lose weight.

3) I am very unfit, does this matter?

No not at all. Everyone has to start somewhere and for most people the first hurdle is simply committing to a training program. So regardless of your fitness level just get going and the results will come!  Our trainers can assess your fitness level when you join to ensure you achieve your goals safely regardless of fitness level.

4) If I am a member can I train in my own time at evolve and use the equipment?

No sorry. All training at evolve is done under the supervision and guidance of our experienced trainers. This means you may train in supervised classes or may join one of our trainers for one on one sessions or in pairs if booked prior.

5) Will my body be sore after training?

Hmmmm. To be honest yes! Sorry but this comes with the territory. After your 1st weeks training you will find and feel muscles you never knew you had but this is a good thing right? There will be some days when you will question what you are doing and you will struggle walking up stairs, your butt will feel bruised when you sit down and your pen may feel heavy, but remember pain is progression! And yes it will get easier and most of all it will all be worth it!

6) What if I have a muscle strain or have an injury?

Before you join our classes or one on one sessions you will be required to fill out a health prescreen,  so be honest with the trainer during your pre-screen as this will only help us to assess your needs and work out what needs to be done to help get you back on track in a safe and timely manner. Regardless if an injury is past or present let us know so we can accommodate you and create a plan to get you where you want to be. We have a great support network of physios and rehab specialists that will also help assist us through this process.

7) Is this similar to cross fit?

Some aspects of our strength & conditioning classes are similar; in others we are very different. What we have done is taken in our opinion the best bits of different training styles and methods we have encountered and been involved with, put them in a big mixing pot stirred them all together and come up with something outstanding. We have combined elements from Mixed Martial Arts, traditional weight lifting, crossfit, kick boxing, athletics, gymnastics, body building, plyometrics, strength training, power lifting, kettle bell training, yoga, pilates, boxing and a whole lot more. The end result will challenge you, mentally, physically and sometimes emotionally! There will be constant variety so you will never get bored and most of all you will get results.

8) What will I expect when I arrive for my first class?

Firstly you will encounter a great group of people all with one common goal, to better themselves.  You will then begin your class with a light warm up, followed by some dynamic stretching (stretching with movement) and then things will begin to step up. You will soon have a wave of emotions hit you as grind your way through various techniques, drills and exercises, wiping sweat from your brow and gasping for air. But before you know it this will soon change as a sense of euphoria will cover your entire body as you soon realize you are walking out the door with some extra swagger in your stride and your chin held high knowing you have just finished your first Evolve class. Now the journey begins as just like that you are now one step closer to reaching your goals and reaching your true potential.

9) What do I need to bring?

Organize a partner if you would prefer to train with a friend, most of our strength & conditioning based sessions are based on individual effort but our MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai classes you will be expected to work in pairs. Wear comfortable clothes to train in that are non restrictive. Bring a full water bottle as rehydration of lost fluids is important and a sweat towel as you will need both!

If you own boxing gloves and hand wraps bring them along, if not don’t stress there are quality gloves available for hire for $2.00 per class and wraps can be purchased on site. We recommend you purchase your own gloves at some stage though due to hygiene reasons.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  info@evolvefunctionalcrosstraining.co.nz 
or call (09) 273 5431